A new stake for students: learning to share

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Not that long ago in design schools, it wasn’t uncommon to see students hiding their drawings from their neighbor. Protecting an idea was probably a sort of prerequisite to proving its value: the revelation of a unique talent. This pretension makes us smile today for you only need to travel to a few international institutions …

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Education: Design, Creativity and Knowledge

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The recent debates on the topic of education heating up in several countries across Europe, and particularly in France, are quite worrying. More than ever, the clash of civilizations, values and beliefs is taking on mammoth proportions and turning our routines, ways of thinking and comfort zones since the beginning of time upside-down. Philosopher Pierre-Jakez …

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“No MOOC (*)? You’re a moron (*)!”

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“MOOCs” are in. Every college and school across the board has one: “No MOOC? You’re a moron.” What lies in store for universities and select business, engineering, and scientific schools once every ounce of knowledge will be available 24/7 online? How can we prove who we are and from where we come when we can …

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