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29 October 2014

“Made in France” takes backseat to “Designed by France”

When it comes to buying a car, or anything else for that matter composed of spare parts, what exactly does “Made in France” mean? Does this notion not go against the flow of French industry? Is there not something else out there that strives to fuse innovation, research and design? How about “Designed by France”?

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24 June 2014

Design and Corporate Social Responsibility: A matter of morals or personal gain?

A recent presentation given to the Regional Leaders of Western France led me not only to reflect on what binds Corporate Social Responsibility to the Design field, but also question the role that the designer plays there within. What if design were synonymous with “sustainable business?”

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12 May 2014

“No MOOC(*)? You’re a moron (*)!“

”MOOCs“ are in. Every college and school across the board has one: “No MOOC? You’re a moron.” What lies in store for universities and select business, engineering, and scientific schools once every ounce of knowledge will be available 24/7 online? How can we prove who we are and from where we come when we can be anywhere, anytime?

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14 February 2014

Education: Design, Creativity and Knowledge

Design and creativity should be taught at school. “Reading counting, creating” should be the new trilogy in elementary schools.

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14 October 2013

Design Management: Reawakening “manual labor”, or what Design schools are doing to address and appease the “doing” and “having done.”

Just as corporate competitiveness issues are more frequently dotting the economic landscape, where economists and politicians are perpetually, and somewhat in vain, setting up more Ministries, commissions and committees around “economic recovery plans” in a dire attempt to whisk Western countries out of what seems like a never-ending line-up of crises and get back on track with industrial growth models, how farfetched really is it to sit down and have a serious talk about “manual labor” as an answer, albeit a modest one, to the very slippery slope down which businesses in the Western world are sliding?

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17 June 2013

The Highs and Lows of “Design Thinking”

The buzzword going around these days is “Design Thinking.” Management just got a hold of its latest “holy grail.” Training programs are slowly popping up all over the place. The top American business schools seem to have tapped into a new trend and topic in management having caught the wave in innovation and society’s burning [...]

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19 September 2012

Productive recovery: design to the rescue

21 proposals have just been made to promote design, by the “European Design Leadership Board.” Finally, the European Commission seems to have become aware of the issues at stake. The European Commission has just published a small book presented in Helsinki on September 17th, 2012, which is the result of a study carried out by [...]

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21 June 2012

Design schools, the new incubators

Western economies are looking for a new life, a new impulse. If States are now looking at ways of containing the debt crisis, of saving banks from bankruptcy, it is in the field of business and competitiveness that everything will unravel. Globalization and the competition of emerging economies have led to a complete economical reorganisation and as Adam Smith would have said, has led to a new era of the “division of labour.”

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10 May 2012

The Secret of Innovative Corporations

In a context of international competition, where companies are not on equal footing, total quality management policies must give way to innovation abilities, where people reach beyond a given framework and imposed processes. The entrepreneur manager, the designer manager is taking over the administrator manager.

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16 January 2012

“Made in” is over. Time to go for “Designed by”


Western businesses may soon be in an outward-bound predicament in order to bridge the gap with booming markets abroad. It has now become urgent that they equip themselves with the necessary manufacturing operations enabling them to sell to the Chinese, Indians and Brazilians, and come tomorrow, owing to a growing economy, to those of the dawning middle class in certain African countries.

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